Wednesday, July 29, 2015


 School Philosophy  

The fundamental purpose of the school is to provide the best possible education for all students and to help them realize their capacity as rational young men or women capable of meeting the moral, social, economic, physical, and emotional problems of life. This philosophy places emphasis upon each individual and their total development. It recognizes the dignity and worth of the whole child and serves to preserve and enhance within each student their sense of freedom and feeling of responsibility. The educational program at Kenmare Public School is designed to assist each individual to understand and accept their abilities, aptitudes and interests; to develop them to the fullest potential; to relate them to realistic life goals; and finally to reach a state of maturity and self-guidance in our democratic society.


1. To promote parent-community-school interaction.

2. To impress upon students the value of an education and positively   encourage students to realize their abilities and appreciate academic growth, recognizing each student's contribution.  

3. To promote a desire and provide a curriculum that addresses the needs of each student.  

4. To provide extracurricular activities to occupy leisure time in a productive manner.  

5. To promote, practice and teach the decision-making process, the skills of studying and the value of responsibility of self, peers, community and environment.

6. To incorporate the students, parents, and community voices for opinions, guidance, and knowledge to help our students prepare for their place in society, outside their immediate rural setting.

7. To provide current vocational, social, and emotional guidance and counseling.

8. To provide the necessary skills in technology.

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