Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a safe and courteous experience for everyone.

When meeting the bus...

  • Students must be on time. The bus will leave after three minutes.
  • When approaching the bus stop walk against or facing oncoming traffic. Always stay as far to the side of the road as possible.
  • Walk, don't run when crossing the roadway.
  • Students should not run alongside the bus when the bus is moving. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before walking to the door.

When riding on the bus...

  • Passengers should go to their seat without crowding or pushing.
  • Passengers should be seated whenever the bus is in motion.
  • Please refrain from talking to the driver while the bus is in motion, except in an emergency.
  • Any damage done to the bus should be reported to the driver as soon as possible.
  • Only the driver or other authorized person should handle first aid equipment or fire extinguishers.
  • Please get permission from the driver before opening windows.
  • Classroom conduct should be maintained on the bus. This means: No fighting, scuffling, pushing, loud noises or shouting.
  • Do not shout at pedestrians or other vehicles
  • Do not throw objects from the bus
  • Aisles must remain clear for safety reasons

When departing the bus...

  • Passengers should remain seated until the bus comes to complete stop.
  • Do not attempt to depart the bus until the driver has opened the doors. This is your signal that it is okay to exit the bus.
  • Just as when getting on the bus please refrain from pushing or crowding the aisle.
  • Those in the front of the bus should exit first.
  • When getting dropped off at the school in the morning do not loiter or play around the bus.
  • When getting dropped off at a bus stop in the afternoon students are only permitted to leave the bus at their regular stop. Any changes must be cleared through the driver or school office.
  • Students under the age of 9 will not be allowed off the bus unless someone is home.

In the event of a storm...

  • Busses may not be able to run their normal route. Parents should make arrangements for an in town "storm house" for their student to be dropped off at during severe weather conditions.

All students who ride the bus must read the above policies as well as sign our Bus Conduct Guidelines form.