Distance learning plan

Click here to view our Smart Restart Plan for Fall 2020.

Click here to view our state approved distance learning plan.

Teachers are utilizing Google Classroom, Remind App, Zoom, and Facebook groups to connect with their students. Grades 7-12 students will follow their normal bell schedule. Teachers will be required to make 15 minutes of face to face video conferencing (using Zoom) contact per class per each day. This will follow the normal bell schedule:

1st hour8:30-9:20
2nd hour9:23-10:13
3rd hour10:16-11:06
4th hour11:09-12:00
Office Hours12:00-12:30
5th hour1:00-1:48
6th hour1:51-2:39
7th hour2:42-3:30

Elementary teachers will guide their periods of instruction. They will notify students of meeting times in Google Classroom, email, Facebook, or Remind.

expectations for using Zoom

Student  ExpectationsTeacher Expectations
No video game playingBe on time
No cellphone use unless allowed by teacherProvide minimum of 15 minutes of instruction every day
Must show full faceBe professionally dressed
Students must be out of bedShow full face
Video must be turned onProvide a modified version of curriculum
No hats or hoodies on unless allowed by teacherBe available outside of Zoom through email until 6:00PM
No driving while participating in a session
Try to focus just on classwork
No changing your name
*Zoom sessions may be recorded by the teacher*


KPS has been working with RTC to bring internet access to those student homes who do not currently have it. Please contact Dr. Godfrey at tgodfrey@mykps.us if you do not have access to internet services. All students grades 3-12 have checked out a Chromebook to use for their schoolwork.

Student nutrition

KPS has been providing breakfast and lunch to students since the beginning of the recommendations of school closures. A Google Form was created and posted to Facebook and this website. If you are in need of student meals during this time, please click this link to fill out the form. Meals will be delivered to students' homes.