3 Para Educator Positions

9 Months

$13/hr. Depending on Experience

Full single health plan

1 personal day

2 Janitor/Custodial Positions

12 Months

$13/hr. Depending on Experience

Full single health plan

10 personal days

Kenmare Public Schools is currently hiring for the position of Speech Language Pathologist. Please see job description. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Godfrey. A letter of interest, resume, and three letters of recommendation are required.



All special education personnel will meet the requirements set by the Department of Public Instruction for the purposes of state personnel reimbursement.

Salary and benefits received shall be in accordance with the Teachers’ Negotiated Agreement.

Job Description:

  • Provides direct therapy individually, in small groups, or in the classroom, in an inclusionary setting for the remediation of language, articulation, voice and fluency disorders and communication disorders caused by hearing impairments for students in accordance with IEP goals and objectives.
  • Observes students in general education classrooms to determine student progress and needs.
  • Conducts selective screening activities to identify children who have communication disorders.
  • Performs screening and diagnosis of individual students as part of the assessment team.
  • Participates in the multidisciplinary assessment team, as an evaluator where appropriate, and inputs in the Integrated Written Assessment Report.
  • Prepares individual educational programs based upon diagnostic information of members of the student’s planning team.
  • Makes use of a variety of materials, equipment and teaching strategies in designing programs for each student.
  • Works with parents to further educational and therapy objectives.
  • Evaluates individual student progress.
  • Follows up on medical referrals and on students recently dismissed from therapy.
  • Works with other special and general educators in carrying out modifications and related aspects of student IEP’s.
  • Works with outside agencies, when appropriate, to ensure the best services for the student.
  • Attends training sessions, seminars and workshops to acquire information and further professional skills.