Kenmare School District

HS Personal Learning Device (PLD) ParentStudent Contract


The policies, procedures and information within this document apply to all students who are issued an electronic PLD owned by Kenmare School District. Classroom teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classroom.

Receiving Your PLD

PLDs will be distributed at school. Parents and students must sign this contract before the PLD can be taken home.

Returning Your PLD

PLDs and power supplies will be returned to the school library during the final week of school. If a student transfers out of the school before the end of the school year, the PLD will be returned at that time. Students who terminate their enrollment at Kenmare School District for any reason must return their PLD and all accessories to the school library on the date of termination.


PLDs are intended for academic use, but responsible personal use is expected. Classroom teachers have the authority to manage use during class time, and may choose to have students put PLDs away if it is a distraction or students exhibit off task behavior. Students are responsible for bringing their PLDs to all classes unless specifically instructed not to do so by the classroom teacher.

Bring Your PLD, Fully Charged, To School Everyday

PLDs need to be brought to school each day fully charged.

PLDs Left at Home

If students leave their PLD at home, they are responsible for getting the course work completed as if they had their PLD present. Students who repeatedly leave their PLD at home may have their home use privileges taken away at the discretion of the school personnel.

PLD Undergoing Repair

Loaner PLDs may be issued to students if the PLD is in need of repair.

Sound, Music, Games, or Programs

Sound must be muted during class unless the instructional activity requires the use of audio. Music is allowed on the PLD and can be used at the discretion of the teacher. Headphones or earbuds must be used to minimize disruption. In an effort to conserve network bandwidth, Internet games are not allowed on the PLDs during the school day unless they have been identified for instructional purposes.


Printing will be available with the PLD but should be used sparingly. Shared printers are available in various locations.


Saving on the PLD

Kenmare School District has adopted Google Apps for cloudbased storage and document creation; students may use this and other cloudbased storage for their homework at school and at home. Students should not save data locally on the PLD because this data is not backed up. Students will receive information on how to create and save data as part of the orientation session when they receive their PLD.

Network Connectivity

Wireless network access is available throughout the school. Kenmare School District cannot guarantee that the network will be up and running 100% of the time. In the rare case that the network is down, the District will not be responsible for lost or missing data.

Home Internet Access

Students are encouraged to connect to home networks and wireless hotspots. School and district technical support staff are not responsible for supporting or troubleshooting connectivity to home networks and personal peripheral PLDs, but will provide guidance on common connection issues and how to resolve them.


Originally Installed SoftwareThe software originally installed by Kenmare School District must remain on the PLD in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times. From time to time the school may add software applications for use in a particular course.

Additional Software

All installed software must be district provided. Students will not have access privileges to install personallyowned software.

Software upgrades

Upgrade versions of licensed software/apps are available from time to time. Students are responsible for following procedures required to update the PLD.


Kenmare School District reserves the right to inspect PLDs as necessary.

Procedure for Reloading PLD Operating System and Software

If technical difficulties occur, the PLD will be restored from backup. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any software, media, or documents due to reformatting and re­imaging of PLD.


Student Statement of Responsibility

• Use computers/PLDs in a responsible and ethical manner.

  • Obey general school rules concerning behavior and communication that apply to network use and according to the Fargo
  • Kenmare School District Responsible Use Policy. This policy must be signed by students and their parents each year.

  • Use all technology resources in an appropriate manner so as not to damage school equipment.
  • Help Kenmare School District protect our computer system/PLD by contacting an administrator about any security problems they may encounter.
  • Monitor all activity on their account(s) and keep passwords private.
  • Students should always secure their PLD after they are done working to protect their work and information.
  • If a student should receive email or other electronic messages containing inappropriate or abusive language, or if the subject matter is questionable, he/she is asked to take PLD to school personnel immediately.
  • Network access is essential for accessing classroom resources and communication. The user is responsible for what he/she says and does on the network. Communication with thousands of others is quick and easy; therefore it is important for the user to stop and think before communicating and to show respect for other people and for their ideas.

  • • An efficient network is essential to a productive learning environment. Each user must take responsibility for conserving bandwidth and avoiding system disruption.
    • Students need to know that none of their data is private or confidential. Any communication or data may be subject to review by network or school administration.

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    Talk to your student about values and the standards that they should follow on the use of the Internet just as you would on the use of all media information sources such as television, phones, movies, and radio. Internet filtering is tighter during the school day; students will have a more relaxed filter on Internet resources when they are at home. Please talk with your student about your expectations for appropriate and responsible Internet use in your home.

    School Responsibilities

  • Teach students the 21st Century Skills.
  • Provide Internet access and course content to its students. Network administrators will make every effort to maintain reliable network access. They cannot, however, absolutely guarantee that the system will always be available or operating correctly.
  • Provide Internet filter of inappropriate materials as able.
  • Provide network data storage areas. These will be treated similar to school lockers. The Kenmare School District reserves the right to review, monitor, and restrict information stored on or transmitted via Kenmare School District owned equipment and to investigate inappropriate use of resources.
  • Monitor behavior and manage consequences as outlined in the district Responsible Use Policy.
  • PLD Care

  • Students will be held responsible for maintaining their individual PLDs and keeping them in good working order.
  • Cords and cables must be inserted carefully into the PLD to prevent damage.
  • Carrying cases (in school) and/or backpacks (outside of school day) should be used to carry the PLD for added protection.
  • Any cases supplied for the PLD by the school district must be returned with only normal wear and no alterations to avoid paying a replacement fee.• PLDs that malfunction or are damaged must be reported to the library staff immediately. The school district will be responsible for repairing PLDs that malfunction.
  • Damage, Theft, Loss: Accidental, Intentional; see section 7.0.
  • Screen/LCD Care

    The PLD screen is sensitive and can easily be damaged if too much pressure and/or weight is placed on it. The LCD is particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.

  • Do not pick up/hold/carry PLD by the edge. The pressure can crack the LCD underneath the glass.
  • Do not lean on the top of the PLD.
  • Do not place anything near the PLD that could put pressure on the screen.
  • Do not overload carrying cases/backpacks to cause pressure against the PLD.
  • Do not “bump” the PLD against lockers, walls, car doors, floors, etc.
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or antistatic cloth.
  • Student Discipline

    The discipline procedure in the Student Handbook addresses serious and major offenses such as stealing and destruction of school or personal property, which apply to the PLD. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, students may lose PLD and/or network privileges as well as being held for detention, suspension or even in extreme cases expulsion.


    PLD IdentificationStudent PLDs will be labeled in the manner specified by the school. PLDs can be identified by their serial number and Kenmare School District asset tag. The asset tag should not be removed under any circumstances.

    Storing the PLD

    When the PLD is not in use, it should be safely secured in the student’s locker. Nothing should be placed on top of the PLD when stored in the locker. Students are encouraged to take their PLDs home every day after school. PLDs should not be stored in a student’s vehicle at school or at home. If a student needs a secure place to store their PLD, they may take it to the library for safekeeping, keeping in mind what time the library closes each day.

    PLDs Left in Unsupervised Areas

    Under no circumstances should PLDs be left in unattended areas. Any PLD left unattended is in danger of being stolen or damaged. If a PLD is found in an unattended area, it will be taken to the library or principal’s office. Consequences for carelessness will be left to the discretion of the school personnel.


    Accidental Repair Incident is $20If the PLD is damaged and needs repair, the family of the student will be required to pay $20 for each repair incident.

    Intentional Damage

    If it has been determined by the school that the PLD was intentionally damaged, the family of the student will be required to pay actual repair/replacement costs.

    Intentional Damage/Theft/Loss Payment

    In the event that a family is responsible for payment, due to intentional damage, theft or loss, an invoice will be sent from the Kenmare School District Office with a brief explanation and amount due. Payments can be made at the student’s school in the bookkeeping office.

    Kenmare School District Technology Repair Fee and Appropriate Use Agreement

    I understand that I am liable for a $20 accidental repair fee for each occurrence.

    ______________________________________________________ _______________________________

    Student signature Date

    I will not view or download any content that is not in accordance with this contract. All devices will be collected at the end of the year and "cleaned". I understand that any purchased apps or programs will be deleted.

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    Student signature Date