The fundamental purpose of the school is to provide the best possible education for all students and to help each student to realize his/her capacity as a rational young man or woman capable of meeting the moral, social, economic and emotional problems of life. This philosophy places emphasis upon the individual's total development, rather than intellectual development alone. It recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual and serves to preserve and enhance within each student a sense of freedom and a feeling of responsibility. The educational program at Kenmare Public School is designed to assist each individual to understand and accept their own abilities, aptitudes and interest; to develop them as well as possible; to relate them to realistic life goals; and finally to reach a state of maturity and self-guidance in our democratic society. The primary purpose of the school is the personal development of the individual student in the development of scholarship, citizenship, and moral character.

For questions about any of our district policies please contact the school at: 701-385-4996

Title I Coordinator: Alex Hennix
Section 504 Coordinator: Alex Hennix
Homeless Liaison: Sarah Beckedahl