Mask Mandate

On October 20, 2020, Kenmare Board of Education adopted a mask mandate.  Recently, the requirements for close contact quarantining have changed.  Now, if the positive individual and close contact both have masks on, the close contact does not have to quarantine but may continue to attend school while wearing a mask and self-monitoring for symptoms.  Also recently, an entire grade level in Kenmare School District had to be quarantined due to several situations in which students were not wearing masks.

Beginning Monday, October 26, all students, staff, visitors, and any other individual in either school building will be required to wear a mask for the entire time they are in the facility.  This includes spectators during extracurricular activities.  The only exceptions to this mask mandate are students during physical education and athletes during practice and competition.  Kenmare School District has been blessed with not having to close our schools due to escalating positive cases and close contact encounters.  The School Board, administration, and staff at Kenmare Public Schools understands that moving back to distance learning will be detrimental to both the academic and social/emotional health of our students.  This mask mandate will be considered part of our dress code, will continue until further notice, and will be strictly enforced.  We ask that you send your children to school with a mask.  If they do not have a mask, one will be provided the first time.  Please help us continue to keep our school district open by supporting our initiative and reminding your children to wear their mask.   

 Dr. Godfrey